Eric Asempah's Speech

The 2005 AYF youth award, I believe was one of the keen writing contest ever.

The topic in itself enabled contestants to understand the stance of ICT in alleviating poverty in Africa.

I was extremely joyous when I was notified as the first prize winner of the contest!

The award ceremony, which took place in Ghana, at the plush 'M-Plaza' hotel in Accra on the 17th of December 2005, was grand even though the event was not well attended as expected.

I believe the AYF youth award is a perpetually rewarding one. The beautiful plaque given out to the first prize winner is indeed a lifelong memorial in as much as the thought of receiving a laptop becomes elating.

The contest has been a good opportunity to explore my potentials, understand the problems in my community better and use the opportunity as a conduit to transport my ideas and indeed solutions to solve the problems that perturb the growth of the community in which I live.

As a winner, I am optimistic of the fact that, the contest is a right channel through which problems facing the continent of Africa could be addressed through the numerous brilliant and intelligent youths who express their concrete ideas and solutions to issues arising.

Eric Asempah
Anglophone Award winner