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Background Information


The aim of this group is to develop a networking group for the African Youth in Diaspora as well as inAfrica. An initiative developed by the Youth for the Youth and future leaders. The Universal Leaders Group (ULG) was initiated as part of the recommendations made at the African Youth Foundation’s (AYF) Stakeholders meeting in May 2005.

Background Information
In accordance with the African Youth Foundation’s (AYF) commitment to motivating young entrepreneurs, building partnerships between business and societies, to improve the economical condition of the world, especially in African countries, the ULG’s activities will be integrated into the activities of the AYF with the objective of identifying and addressing in proactive, innovative and entrepreneurial ways, future-oriented issues on the global agenda which will have positive impact on the African continent.

The aim of the ULG Committee is to administer the activities of the group and also serve as a nominating committee for the class of young leaders annually.
The committee is designed to function independently from the AYF Executive and Advisory Boards. The Committee members act only on behalf of the interests of the Youth community and within the scope of the AYF mission and activities assigned to it by the AYF Bylaws. Committee members are in a position to contribute understanding of
broad youth interests in general and knowledge and experience of specific youth initiatives. The committee consists of:

1. Chairman;
2. Vice Chairman;
3. Administrator;
4. Secretary; and
5. Two members.

The committee members are not remunerated, although direct expenses incurred in the course of duty may be reimbursed. These positions may involve significant international travel, including personal presence at periodic AYF meetings, as well as regular telephone and Internet communications.

As we may all be aware, African initiatives have always been for FREE which haven’t proved very successful. In that aspect, for members to take their responsibilities seriously and enjoy from the fruits of the hard work invested in the group development, membership to this exclusive group comes with membership fees which will be used to support the group. For further information regarding membership fees, kindly contact the secretariat at:


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