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Focus on Programs

Focus for 2012 - 2015 Program

General Programme

  • organising regional and country level educational activities
  • organising capacity building activities
  • co-operate and co-ordinate with other Development Organisations in Africa
  • develop information material on AYF
  • develop AYF Working Groups on issues important to the overall AYF Programme and those identified in the AYF Strategic Plan


  • publishing books for students adn individualas interested
  • publishing AYF Newsletters
  • AYF Quarterly journals
  • implementing youth counselling and awareness-raising through one-on-one interaction, group discussions, newspaper columns and radio programs;

National Development Contests

  • AYF will work together with other development organizations and its other members to organise or participate in such events for the youth during the school year


  • Entrepreneurial, Educational Scholarships, Certificates and books would be offered, in the framework of the national contests.