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Procedures for Awarding Certificates

You will receive a certificate when you successfully complete the required language programme. In the month during which you plan to finish the language programme, you must notify your resource team of your intention to complete the program. An academic advisor will perform an official evaluation of your coursework prior to approving your completion of the certificate program. All certificates will be issued by the Host Institution. Your transcript will be updated to reflect certificate completion.

Academic Calendar

AYF makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information. However, changes or corrections may occasionally be necessary and may be made without notice after the date of publication. It is your responsibility to ensure that all applicable requirements for registration, tuition fee, and graduation are met.

Term Dates

Term Classes Begin Classes End Holiday
Fall Term I October 15 January 14 Dec. 17 - January 2
Spring Term II February May March
Summer Term III May August

Registration Dates

Registration, including online registration, for each Term begins when the printed Schedule of Classes for that Term becomes generally available. The scheduled date for the release of this information is on or about

  • August for Fall
  • December for Spring

A €30 late fee is charged for late registrations. You may pay by check, cash is accepted only at AYF Main Office in Bonn - Germany

Fax Registration

0049 1212 510 323 700 or 0049 228 92 66 991

Ends two weeks before the first scheduled day of class for courses meeting during other terms.

Mail-in Admission and Registration

Ends two weeks before the first scheduled day of class for courses meeting during other terms.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of service, which often vary according to the policy of the particular host institution in which the participant is placed, are generally as follows:

Duration of Stay

  1. Early termination of stay on the part of the participant greatly affects the overall running of the programme (as yearly schedules for courses are made in advance. It also greatly inconveniences the host institution). All participants are expected to fulfil minimum two thirds of their stay period.
  2. Violation of the terms and conditions of the contract, such as prematurely leaving the programme and/or returning home without justifiable reasons, will result in corresponding measures to be taken, such as requiring the participant to reimburse the host institution for the cost of the full course.