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The African Youth Foundation's Main Activities are:

  • promotion of youth education through workshops and seminars, vocational and leadership training courses in African countries;
  • provision of books and financial assistance to encourage the youngsters to complete their education;
  • publication of books, journals, guides, surveys, studies, newsletters;
  • conferences, expert group meetings, lectures.

African Youth Foundation publishes quarterly Newsletters, "PROGRESS". The Newsletter is a reader-friendly electronic information medium that provides an insight into the current education situation of development and infrastructure in African countries. It is an official Newsletter of African Youth Foundation

PROGRESS also provides not only an overview of the activities undertaken by AYF, but also informs readers on the different educational development phases in African countries, as well as the actions taken by the educational development supervisory bodies to improve educational developing conditions in Africa.

PROGRESS also presents interviews with notable individuals actively involved in African educational development matters. It provides information on the proceedings of conferences, seminars and workshops organised by the African Youth Foundation