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The Nigerian Television Authority - also known as NTA - was inaugurated in 1977 and is the government-owned body in charge of television broadcasting in the country.

One of the few media houses that are interested in highlighting African Diaspora Affairs, the NTA runs one of the biggest television networks in Africa, with stations in several parts of Nigeria.

Formerly known as Nigerian Television (NTV), the network began with a takeover of regional television stations in 1976 by the then Nigerian military authorities, and is widely viewed as the authentic voice of the Nigerian government.

Television began broadcasting on 31 October 1959 under the name Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV). It was then based in Ibadan and was the first television station in Tropical Africa.
In March 1962, Radio-Television Kaduna / Radio Kaduna Television (RKTV) was established. It was based in Kaduna and was operated by the Broadcasting Company of Northern Nigeria. RKTV also provided coverage for the central northern states. Later in 1977 it was re-branded NTV-Kaduna.

In April 1962, the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) was established. It was a federal government-owned service. Based in the city of Lagos, it broadcasted to the south western states.

In 1972, MidWest TV was established as TV broadcaster at Port Harcourt. This was run by the state government in Benin.

In 1974, Benue-Plateau Television Corporation (BPTV) was established and was based in Jos. It was the first television station to launch regular/permanent colour broadcasts in Africa. The colour test transmissions commenced 1 October 1975. BPTV was re-branded as NTV-Jos.

From May 1977 all the state television broadcasters named above were merged and re-branded Nigerian Television (NTV) and are now owned by Nigerian Television Authority.