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Ratidzo Nagel, Face of AYF

Aspiring African-Diaspora Youth 2012
Ms. Zimbabwe-Germany 2011
CEO, UAASA (University Application Agency for Southern Africa)

Born and bred in Zimbabwe to a family of successful entrepreneurs, 27 year old Ratidzo Nagel is the continuation of her family entrepreneurial success.

Ratidzo came to Germany in 2007 with the intention of studying Business in Düsseldorf. She spontaneously decided to concentrate on attending workshops on starting business, improving her German language skills, learning about the German tax system, compiling information about universities in Germany as well as visa application processes for foreign students. 3 years later the agency: University Application Agency for Southern Africa (UAASA) was set in motion.

The idea to start this agency was inspired by the realization that Germany is the cheapest study destination in Europe although England still attracts the highest number of international students. The main reason for this is the language barrier and lack of information. The agency aims at providing international students with necessary information and dealing with the application process.

Through social media, UAASA has accomplished a steadily growing cliental list not only from Africa, but also from Europe and Asia, successfully operating in 3 countries namely Germany, Zimbabwe and South Africa and collaborating with the GEOTHE Institute in Zimbabwe to teach German to clients.

The agency has also successfully branched out to help those that do not qualify to study at universities in Germany, but would like to pursue careers. In collaboration with Diakonie Stuttgart, the agency organizes Social year (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr) placements.

One of her passions is doing charity work to help less fortunate children in Africa.

Ratidzo’s ambition and driving force is to live life with no limitations or excuses. She believes that life is what you make it. That is why she is determined to make my life a success.