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The Secretariat must receive the following application materials before an audition can be scheduled: You can apply online or by mail.

  1. A completed application form and application fee (€20.00). The fee is non-refundable and must accompany the application.
  2. Minimum High School certificates or/any other related certificates.
  3. A personal reference letter. A theatre person need not write this letter. An employer, teacher, counselor, clergy or anyone who has known the prospective student for a period of years may write the letter, but not a family member.

We encourage early application/audition for all international students and recommend sufficient time allotment for visa processing (2-3 months prior to enrollment).

Notification of Admission
The Admissions Committee considers application materials along with the audition report. A notification of the decision is made within four weeks. Accepted students are asked to return a signed enrollment agreement and a non-refundable, non-transferable €100 deposit to indicate their intention to enroll. This commitment will reserve a space for the accepted student in the desired term.

An admitted student may request to defer enrollment for a maximum of six months from the original application term. Deferment beyond six months may require a reapplication of the admissions materials, and the Admissions Committee will require the applicant to re-audition. The fee for this process is €100.

Please contact the Secretariat for additional application deadlines and information.