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Official Documents

ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards 2015
December 2015

ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards 2014
December 2014

e-Debate "Enhancing Young Women's engagement in ICT and Agriculture"
May 2014

Annual Conference 2014
April 2014

Kick-Off Dinner (ABEN)
February 2014

ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards 2013
December 2013

Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator (I-TRY Project)
October 2013

Business Management Seminar
February / March 2013

ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards 2012
December 2012

African Diaspora Investments in Africa
November 2012

Annual Games (4G)
April 2012

Management and Leadership Seminar
February 2012

Financial Skills for Business Success
February 2012