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Bilder von den "AYF ADLER Awards 2014" sind ab sofort in unserer Galerie!
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Eileen Posch-Oduro (Diaspora Community Motivator, 2014)

Born in Agogo, Ghana; Eileen Mary Posch-Oduro moved to Hamburg, Germany in January 1980 and has lived there since then.


She attended several advanced training courses at the “Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf” and also worked there as a handicapped care attendant and social worker from 1984 till 2005.

She graduated from college specializing on handicapped children and children with learning disabilities in 2005. Her career with the “Arche Volksdorf e.V.” started right after graduation till date.

Based on her social education and pedagogical curative teaching education, Eileen has always had a house full of children. A situation which she quickly realized that, it was her desire and job to educate and take care of needy children, who were in more need than both of her biological children. Her love for children led her to help many children by helping to build an institution, in which they could be catered for and supported in their educational careers. Many are the foster children she has catered for.

According to Eileen, it was a pleasure to see how minor assistance could lead a child successfully in life. She witnessed one child moving in, another growing up and leaving the house as an adult.

Fulfilled by the little support she could give to some children in her own house, it became one of her dreams to further this experience by developing a facility like a school, that would support some of Ghana’s children to enable them have a standard of life just like the children in Germany also do. The vision for this school is for children with disabilities, orphans, as well as children without disability to be all taught equally.

It was also her dream to draw special attention for support for disabled children, in some environments in Ghana, where disabled children are actually neglected. This dream had to be a facility in which the integrative and sustainable support would be in the foreground, with a focus on sports and linguistics. This she believes is very important as courses like medicine, law, engineering and the likes, are in high demand and well supported, while linguistically and athletic gifted children are always forgotten.

In her civic life, she was the former Ghana Union vice president in Hamburg, NPP (Ghana)-Germany national organizer, and a member of BOT NCG FC Hamburg. She is also the founder of Meshama foundation e.V. and Meshama Educational and Multipurpose school in Ghana. She is a CDU party board member in Farmsen/Berne, and a candidate for the communal election 2014 in Hamburg.