African Business and Entrepreneurship Network

Pictures of the "AYF ADLER Awards 2014" are available now in our Gallery!
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  1. African Diasporas having the chance to identify investment opportunities in Africa and Europe;
  2. Companies, Firms, Entrepreneurs and Organizations having the chance to recruit future trainees, interns and  employees for their entities;
  3. Companies and firms having the chance to introduce their products and services to the business communities;
  4. Investors having the chance to review their investment priorities and selecting their investment portfolios;
  5. Recognizing the effort and challenges that women entrepreneurs and business professionals have overcome;
  6. Connecting African business communities with potential Investors and University students;
  7. A perfect opportunity for students to be oriented with firm’s and companies career opportunities, products and services,
  8. Acquainting students with what differentiates firm’s and companies from their competitors