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AYF has a vision of refining and improving its program through an evaluation plan. The aim of the plan is to monitor performances and recommend ways at which the organisation's objectives will be met and the methods that are followed. The evaluation process will involve teachers, tutors, parents, and participants to include:

  • Develop educational and employment measures which will open up new prospects for people in their home countries, spare them the hardships associated with migration and avoid the difficult problems of integration in the countries taking in refugees.
  • Offer youth an opportunity for personal development through increased access to educational and vocational training;
  • Help alleviate unemployment and poverty by encouraging young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career option, improve leadership skills and problem solving experiences, to encourage the transfer of learned skills into positive civic action in the countries of youth participants.
  • Organise workshops and career counselling programmes that would help Africa's youth to determine their individual vocational needs, and guide their choice of jobs and occupations.
  • Initiate programmes that would enhance the community leadership and problem solving skills of the youth to heighten their sense of civic responsibility.

The results of the evaluation plan will assist in determining the effectiveness of AYF 's programmes, and data so obtained will be made available to funding organisations. Funding organisations will also have the right to engage their own auditors and evaluators to examine AYF 's finances and reports.

Expectation after Graduation

While the overall objective of the AYF Programme is to help alleviate unemployment and poverty, by encouraging young people to consider entrepreneurship as a career option, to expect all who participate to start their own businesses would be unrealistic

For this reason the African Youth Foundation envisages that, AYF Graduates will successfully go one of three ways - viz.:

  • Start their own business
  • Further their education
  • Secure formal or informal sector employment

Of those students who would participate in the AYF Programme and successfully graduate at the end of the school year, the reality of one of the above, will suggest the significance of AYF 's aim, that is: